Navío Montañés

Illustrations of El Montañés, a 74 guns tall ship of the Spanish Armada for the book Historia de un Triunfo. La Armada Española en el siglo XVIII; Rafael Torres, Editorial Desperta Ferro.


Cut-away of El Montañés tall ship.

"The original assignment was to create a cut-away of the ship to show its different decks. In order to develop the illustration, I chose to model the relevant parts of the ship in Zbrush. Ultimately the 3D model was expanded to show all parts of the ship in detail throughout the book in the form of a visual glossary".


He sailed in combat formation, with sails furled, boats launched, and the combat net protecting the quarterdeck.


Ship with furled sails.

Ship under full sails.


Detail of the cutwater, with the figurehead that gives the ship its name, representing a cantabrian mountaineer. The rest of the Navy ships wore a lion,  symbol of the crown, but as it was the ship of the Admiral of the fleet, this license was allowed.


It was necessary to go to multiple sources of information to specify the equipment of a ship like this with the level of detail that we were looking for. Throughout the modeling process, doubts arose that Rafael Torres, the author of the book, tried to resolve promptly. This collaboration between illustrator and author was one of the most satisfying things about the project. In the process we both learned a bit more about these boats and how they work.


Maneuver to launch a boat

Explode of the decks of the ship.


All the geometry modeled made it possible to create explanatory illustrations of the operation of various interesting mechanisms on the ship, such as these water pumps, that runs all across the decks of the ship, around the mainmast.


Artillery battery.


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