Fram explorer ship


Scene of the Polar expedition of Amundsen. It shows the 13 men of the crew engaged in the different daily activities of this scientific expedition. From caring for the dogs, to obtaining food and the obligatory experiments and taking scientific data.


To the left, couple of crew members work in the forge to repair and keep the ship up and running. To the right, the windmill on the deck of the ship generated the electricity needed for the expedition.


Inside the Fram, activity was restricted to cooking tasks, recovering from injuries that inevitably occurred in such a hostile environment, and some minor repair work, such as the one a captain carries out trying to fix a small sled in the communal room. Most of the tasks were carried out outside, as long as the weather allowed it. The dogs were a fundamental tool to carry out the activity on the ice pack. Beyond all these maintenance tasks, the fundamental purpose of the expedition was the collection of scientific data in this unexplored territory.


Geometry modeled in Zbrush was use to obtain this base render to be edited and overpainted in Procreate.


illustrator · 3D Art · infographic


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